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Setanta is home to the best World Cup Qualifier action as European and South American teams try and book their place in the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.


How can I watch these games?

We broadcast the World Cup Qualifiers in three ways. Some events are aired live on the Setanta Sports channel, some are pay-per-view, and some are Setanta Premium events. Setanta Premium events are almost always available only in bars and restaurants, and there is usually a cover. Setanta Premium matches re-air on the Setanta Sports channel.


For more information on Premium matches, follow this link.


 >> To order the World Cup Qualifiers in your bar or restaurant, call our San Francisco office at 415-546-1022. For more information, follow this link.


How can I order pay-per-view matches at home?

Check the chart below to determine whether the event is available for residential purchase. If you have satellite TV at home, you will need to order directly from your provider. If you have digital cable, you can most likely order the event through your remote. If you have further questions about ordering pay-per-view events, contact your cable or satellite provider for instructions.

You do not need to be a Setanta Sports subscriber to purchase pay-per-view events.


Where can I watch Premium games?

Use the Venue Finder to find the closest club, bar or restaurant. Just put a check in the box next to the game you want to watch and enter your ZIP code and you will receive a list of 10 businesses within 100 miles. If you are not satsified with the results, just check back later -- venues are being added every day. Or you can call your local bar and have them contact us about carrying the games. We always recommend that you call a business to verify that they plan on showing the match.


The qualifier stage is finished,please visit our TV Listings page for more scheduling.

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May 26, 2016

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